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Anonymous asked:
I can't.

You can’t what?

Anonymous asked:
So I'm in love with him I have been ever since I saw him 5 years ago... But I can never have him and he's fucked me up and will never know it.

so who is him? why dont you tell him and then he will know!

Jumbo Jenga!
Anonymous asked:
I miss you

I miss you, too!

Who is this?

A bunch of Christmas bums.
Good morning. It kind of makes you want to stay in bed.

I want to quit my job and run away to somewhere I haven’t been, open/work at a coffee shop/bar and meet interesting people. And lift weights. And cross fit. 

That would be nice. 

First week of Oly lifting complete.

I have just completed my first week of Oly lifting training and PR’s all round. Sadly I do not have an awesome photo of me through some relatively heavy weight above my head. I wasn’t sure of what weights I would/should be doing, so I have very little to compare it too. But in saying that, I am lifting heavier than I ever have before in just regular crossfit training.

The Oly training really took it out of me though. I am used to the met con of crossfit. That is the type of training I like and I used to run a lot so I am fond of cardio. But straight up strength training is something I haven’t done for a few years. Regardless, I am loving it.

Time to start reversing the Christmas/New Year binge.

Anonymous asked:
advice for overweight girls? do guys look at them with disgust?

What kind of advice would you like? and what is your definition of overweight? According to my BMI, I am just “overweight”. And I can’t speak for all guys, but personally, I prefer women who look after their body, regardless of size. The only way you can look at that with respect. Any progress is progress, right?

So, generic 2014 first post of the year. 
This photo is from before the whole Christmas, New Years period. So i have put on a bit of weight from all the booze and food. 
I have been feeling really really hungry to train hard and focus on developing my fitness. I am really keen to step up my training. I will be joining up with the Oly lifting club at my box. I was going to look into joining another gym, but I thought that I would develop my strength just as well through the Oly lifting club. 
I will also be getting into the local runners club. I have been neglecting my running recently and this will be a way to force me to get back into it. 
The focus is to do 12 straight weeks of solid training, two to three times a day, 6 days a week. I plan on starting on 13 Jan so that I have time to get back into the swing of things and get a routine happening. 
It has been a fun but hectic couple of weeks.
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